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it came out of the wordwork

Moving right along, what i did today
So sometimes there's plenty to do.

Today I dug a post hole in the cat garden, but still haven't set the post. Am trying to decide it it's deep enough, given the freeze zones here...

I fixed an egg sammich with cheese and ham, on onion roll, for breakfast.

I walked a little over 2 miles in a couple of quick between-things walks; on one walk I was entertained by the neighbor's menagerie who watched me walk by -- a small poodle-look gray dog, a black and white cat almost as big as the dog, and a black-and-white rabbit every bit as big as the cat.

I bemoaned the Orioles. Oh, woe again.

I also bemoaned the local "Planet Fitness" ... gah... it often gets far too buggy walking in Maine this time of the year, but I fell very much in dislike with Planet Fitness when I visited there. The hostess was all smiles about the bank of 15 TV monitors facing the exercise equipment... which thrills me none. Even if I *can* bring my own headphones, I have no use for 15 ad-boxes staring me in the face as I get sweaty.

Guess I'll just have to use the old treadmill downstairs...sigh.

I also set up a couple more eBay auctions, including the #8 of 50 limited edition sterling Liaden Universe pin (ref. 250128451809 ) and a copy of Pilots Choice (first edition, 4th printing!) Item number: 250128438119 ...

Lunch was a large salad, not Banichi.

Also on the plate today: layout work on LUC#2, the text lately back from our friend and excellent proofreader Elecktra. Am still not king, am still not fluent in InDesign.

Among others, was in touch with Sam Chupp, who reports progress on the podcast of Fledgling. It will be good to get mostly caught up there, which should happen RSN.

Also, mentioning Fledgling, Chapter 18 is in the works here. Must push just a bit, looks like.

Catch you all later.

wanted to post this too:
reading for sf and fantasy professionals...

version 1.11