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it came out of the wordwork

News and whim....and more of the same
OK, first the whim: I went to eBay and posted this bundled offer today:

First edition reading copies only Item number: 250126318652

The first three Liaden Universe novels by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller: Agent of Change (1988), Conflict of Honors (1988), and Carpe Diem ( 1989) ... these are the titles that later made up Meisha Merlin's first Lee & Miller collection, Partners In Necessity. These are the hard-to-find but used to hard-used Del Rey mass market first editions, several with multiple used bookstore stamps. At the moment the books are unsigned but can be signed or personalized to your request. The spine on Agent of Change is barely readable. If you must have one copy of everything Lee & Miller put out, this is one way to get started inexpensively. These books will make an oddly compelling addition to your collection, and you can get them directly from the authors.


Looks like it'll take an offer of $3.75 for us to break even, but what the heck, I hate to see books go unused!

Oh, the news? As posted several places about the web by now:

In house to be signed...

due to popular demand and with the help of Toni and our agent Jenn --
contracts for the Liaden Universe(R) chapbooks to be sold through

now, before you all jump Arnold and Toni about when...

we haven't yet uploaded all those files, we haven't yet written any
introductions, we haven't talked about titles/retitles/bundles ...
and as always, these things take time.
Heck, even the snail mail between here and there takes time...


Meanwhile, in the last few days our bird feeding station has hosted:
indigo buntings
male and female grossbeaks
downy woodpeckers
Baltimore Oriole
redwing blackbirds
pine siskins
chipmunks (assorted)
Scruffy (the bird-hunting cat)
Gabby the Circumspect (bird-hunting cat)

version 1.11 ... redwings added to list