June 3rd, 2007


Chapter 17, I Dare ( the softcover), and more


a damp day, keeping me busy inside. In between bouts of Chapter 17 and reclaiming floor and table space around the house, I've been getting some stuff posted to eBay; including item 250124472694 (I Dare softcover) and item 250124484368 ... the original($50 cover price) hardcover edition of Partners in Necessity. These are both 7 day auctions... and I have a couple other candidate book-like items that may go up as 3 day auctions during this week.

If I have luck with Picasa and can find the image I may manage to get the first of a couple silver Liaden pins up today ... we have one of the numbered pins (#8, if you're counting), still unclaimed all these years later, and one of two unnumbered pins. These were made years ago and are the original sterling pins, not the silver plate we did a few years later.

Chapter 17 calls....