May 31st, 2007


First try... maybe a no, this time around...

Looks like there'll be a delay in an office move -- the first choice spot comes with some contract assumptions I'm not comfortable working with. I may revisit this if the spot's still open in a few weeks ... who knows what may occur in the meantime, eh?

Meanwhile, speaking of contracts, we're still waiting on some in-the-mail stuff I'd like to be able to talk about... sigh.

I'll be trying to log into Second Life a little this weekend; I hear I missed some fun over Memorial Day...well... so much universe, so little time.

Meanwhile, the looking-forward-to-office thinking identified a set of usable portable-stackable file cabinets, a microwave that worked well the last time we used it 5 years ago, two tables that can move when we're ready, a choice of (two) 2 working linux computers and laptops (and part that could make a third if i get in the card-pulling and pushing mood), heavy duty shelving and a couple pallets, a short-term solution office chair, a pair of literature organizers, a a pocket-high room divider custom made for a friend's antique store, 2 old printers that should be tossed, and more computer cables and giZmos than I care to gaze upon at once.

When things fall right, we've got the start in hand...