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it came out of the wordwork

Well, that's interesting ....
We've been right out straight; if you've been catching Rolanni's blog you've seen a few bits, and me, I thought I'd updated but the thing I found saved but not posted was Monday night news about the chess club, where I won one and lost one .. .but I think posting that was interrupted by the more urgent news that my stepfather fell and gashed his head, requiring 16 staples and a short hospital stay ... and then I got behind on a lot of other reporting as events continue to transpire. My stepfather could use healing thoughts, and probably the ambulance crew who carried him to the hospital as well, since he apparently was quite vocal in explaining that it was just a scratch... My mother reports my stepfather in decent spirits and wishing to get the silly staples removed RSN.

A bad sinus week, has been the last week. When the allergy chart thingie hits 11.9 out of 12... that's a week to remember.

Someone sent me this: http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/l/sharon-lee/ which lead me to this:


which is proof positive that you can't believe everything you read. I think, to properly confuse things, I need to write a story called Dye, Vecna, Dye! Or maybe we can use that page for a "How many errors are there in this picture" contest ....


Meanwhile, our EBAY auction of I Dare went extremely well... and we're going to use the proceeds to help fund a short Memorial Day weekend at the beach, now that our long-time cat sitter has agreed that a change of scenery for her that weekend would be welcome. I think she's just wanting to scritch Scrabble's cute ears, me. Our assistant cat-sitter Katie has, alas, moved to Kentucky and so is no longer available, and normally this might reduce our options. Since MM going out has already reduced out options for the summer, we'll be concerned about it next year.

Sam Chupp reports that the delayed podcast is up (was that 14?) Meanwhile here, things have made chapter 16 a bit late... Rush, Steve, Rush!

How's by you?