May 12th, 2007


And in other news, the search for Blue Octember, Volume One

Wow, I like that. The Search For Blue Octember ...
maybe SRM should to a chapbook on that... sounds like 13 stories, each between 999 and 1299 words long (on my wordcount), on The Search for Blue Octember.... might be able to afford that at 3 cents a word ... Hmmmmm. No, wait .. someone go check this year's minimum SFWA payment for short stories..... Like I need another project for this year. So Ok... if you're interested, let me know... maybe we can do it anyway... Oh, oh, might need a co-editor or guest editor.... I think I'm getting something here .. I see, that's 'cause the coffee just got delivered... Seriously, this may be done. A Halloween release date....whoa, I like it.

Meanwhile in Second Life Librarian Pam Ribble has shared a YouTube link of potential interest to Librarians, writers, artists (have you ever created *your* own avatar? Or your own skyscraper?), the general public, and Friends of Liad ... this is a kind of fuzzy video tour of the expanded Second Life Library. SF writers you may have heard of who are mentioned in the tour include Kurt Vonnegut, Neal Stephenson, and Sharon Lee and Steve Miller .... For those of you who like to see raw links:

If you're interested, talk here or send me email. Like to see more -- visit Second Life and search on Friends of Liad in the general search engine ... we've got several bookstores -- and a park -- you can visit, and then there's Chatrez -- that's the island built by members of The Friends of Liad. Oh, also, if you do *join* Second Life, please feel free to tell them Elan Neruda or Kit Jimenez sent you. Yes, that does help us pay the virtual rent over there.

And in Other News -- the clerk at a local PO realized that on my second trip yesterday we'd pushed the total package postage for the day somewhat over $500; in fact, altogether this week we've shipped out most of a hundred Hellsparks and lots and lots of other book and chapbook orders that had been waiting for packaging. The goal is to have all the (non-pre-order) orders through 7:00 AM this morning out to the PO by 11:30 AM today. Soon as I finish here I go pack some more... if you're waiting for an order it really out to be there RSN.

Oh right, did I mention that a quick eyeball of the stock seems to show we've got about a dozen more copies of Hellspark left and about two dozen copies of the Liaden Universe Companion, Volume One left... I *do so* intend to get something up one eBay later today, something retrieved from the inner warehouse of the nearly late, nearly great Meisha Merlin publishing empire itself ... perhaps an I Dare or ... heck, we'll see what we have after I get back from the PO.

Be well, be busy, be happy.

Still learning ebay...

And somehow I'm just not understanding something...

So I just put up a copy of I Dare on eBay, a hardcover copy. I thought I used A Liaden Universe Novel as or a liaden universe novel as a subhead.. but a quick search didn't find it... perhaps my dyslexia has kicked in... oh yeah .. a week to go.
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