April 30th, 2007


Mixed grill, yet again

Today: Fledgling has been updated, and so has the SRM Catalog which now deals with the new reality.

Lunch coming up -- consisting of leftovers from Friday night's... over-ambitious Arby's meal combined with some in-house soup to make what my mother would recognize as a goulash.

Tomorrow afternoon I go to a seminar about the new and probably not improved USPS mailing rates. One person I spoke to who has seen the information described them as "a nightmare" another suggested that the PO was trying to eliminate paper mail entirely... oh sigh.

I should mention that it took 7 phone calls/transfers to get the information on this seminar -- it's hard to understand why i have to call a national PO phone number to get the local PO phone number after 9 steps of select this and say that. However, we're depending on the PO for our living at the moment, so I have to go through this. Looks like eBay and PayPal small-package mailers are in for a rough time.

Our weekend went well, with Saturday a mix of housekeeping stuff, work, silly movies -- I mean how sillier can you get than Monty Python and the Holy Grail? and general relaxation, and Sunday was more work, mixed with our latest interview on The Biblio File, through Talk Shoe... wherein Chris Meadows asked all kinds of probing questions about Meisha Merlin, The Tomorrow Log, is Terra Terra, and what now, anyway?

Tonight, cross fingers, is chess night.