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it came out of the wordwork

MEISHA MERLIN 1996 -2007
Dear Friends of Liad and all the ships at sea --

the unsigned note below can be found on the Meisha Merlin website, if you happen to run a browser that plays nice with that inelegant rotating news thingy.

* * * * * *


Dear Fans,

I am sorry to say that due to major distribution problems Meisha
Merlin Publishing, Inc. will be closing their doors in May 2007. Both
Kevin and I along with the entire staff here at Meisha Merlin want to
thank all our fans, customers, authors, & artist for your support
over the past eleven years. We are sorry to have to do this, but
events beyond our control have forced us to make this decision.

ATTN: For those of you who have purchased The Virginia Edition. The
Robert A. & Virginia Heinlein Prize Trust has worked out an agreement
to continue publishing The Virginia Edition. You can expect a letter
from them within the very near future & volume seven will be arriving
to you in late May or early June.

* * * * * *

Most of you knew this or suspected...