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it came out of the wordwork

Once Upon a time it took one search....
We were invited, on short notice, to an event in Waterville, Maine where we gave a short reading yesterday. One of listeners asked how they could find more on the internet and I casually said ... just use Google and type in "Sharon Lee and Steve Miller" and we'd be the subject of the first few pages....

While that's true, we've discovered that it's hard to find information on our foreign editions ...

while we can find these:

and also found these:

The russian edition links seem out of date -- AST, sometimes in
is it "ACT" in Europe? -- the old links have changed...

Anyone out there up to a search for foreign language reviews of our work? This all comes up because we're involved in the Second Life book fair and a lot of the folks in SL are from overseas... and will have an easier time getting those editions or reading those reviews than trying to deal with English versions.