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it came out of the wordwork

The object in question looks like:


A sample can be found on:
the Meisha Merlin Hellspark page which was still up this morning.

What is is: A complex tale of first, second, and third contact with AI, alien, and human cultural elements. The protagonist wears glasses. Or maybe this is a deep and fragile love story. Or... well.... read it.

So, As time permits I'll set up a page for ordering from SRM Publisher; I think I have about 50 copies or so. Our plan is to set-aside a 10 percent royalty for the author since I'm not sure if these books come to us under the same conditions ours did from my recent trip, though it seems likely.

Let me note that, as with most Meisha Merlin book covers, the cover is somewhat darker in person than it is on the computer screen. Shame, really, that disconnect between art and reality.

Various and Sundry...
For one thing, the Second Life Book Fair is nearly upon us...

and SRM Publisher (following link ought only work if you have Second Life installed...) has a fancy booth that 's ready for visitors there ... if you're into virtual worlds, please come on by! If you'd like to share that link with someone in plain text .... http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wallaby/208/49/53/

... if you're a Friend of Liad, a member of Science Fiction Rangers, or have other sfictional connections in SL come on by -- we may need folks to help stand around and look busy! You can volunteer to me (elan neruda in world) or to Shawna Montgomery for particular hours, too.

Also the link for the Hellspark order page ought to be working now...

And now off to other excitements!

Among the other excitements

New and Improved Version 2.2