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it came out of the wordwork

Road Trip Update
Dear Friends of Liad and all the ships in space...

As many of you know I left Maine last week on a sudden trip south.

While going south in-and-of itself can be fun and interesting, this
trip was pretty much a dash-in, dash-out surgical-strike situation,
with me arriving at the Atlanta AMTRAK station just before 9 AM on
Thursday and being on the way out of town by 2:09 PM in a rental
truck loaded with books.

In the interim, I visited briefly with FoL nlbarber who did
yeoman's duty picking me up at the AMTRAK station and delivering me
to the Budget rent-a-truck place and helped me with the pre-trip
check of the truck as well. She pointed out the great big rock that
is Stone Mountain, let me visit with her crew for a cat-fix after my time
on the train, and even waited patiently with me while the clerk at the
rental place flirted with a customer.

Nancy and I parted at just before 11 AM and then I was on my way to
Meisha Merlin world headquarters in Stone Mountain proper, where
Stephe Pagel and I (but mostly Stephe) loaded the Budgetmobile with
about a ton or so of books, a few posters, and some Balance of Trade

I spent the next couple days on the road and have arrived home in
time to unload the truck just ahead of the storm that was already
dropping snow, ice, and rain on Western portions of the state.
That developed into three or four inches of snow, and on the
overnight gave way to rain. Locally there are flood warnings and watches;
I'm rushing this... on account of we're expecting more power outages.

More on the trip:

It was good to see Stephe Pagel, but it marked quite a sad moment for us.
Given the distribution issues Meisha Merlin has suffered through over the
last few years we have, with sorrow, come to an agreement not to publish
MM editions of Web of The Trident and the scheduled follow-on to Balance
of Trade. Neither of these books exist, and at the moment, neither are
contracted for. Our agent is exploring options.

For now we probably have as many questions as you about what will
be happening over the next year or so with the Liaden Universe(R). Again,
our agent will help determine what happens when. For the meantime, we're
working with Fledgling as part of our own Liaden fix, and we're working on
the Liaden Universe Companion, Volume 2, as well. And it's not that we're
slacking off, since we're also doing the Webscription thing with Baen
books, and of course we're also going to be doing the two volume Duainfey
with Baen.

When we have news, we'll get it to you. If you still want to help
with the road trip as seen on Sharon's blog, by ordering a road-trip signed
copy of the new edition of Partners of Necessity direct from us
please do -- we'll let that stay in force until this afternoon,
or by special request this week.

We're still taking trip jar
donations as well. A comment on that trip jar -- donations to
the trip jar helped me pay for my rail accommodations on the way
to Atlanta. I slept well on the train and was wide awake and alert
for the Meisha Merlin meeting and for the start of the drive back,
which I think would not have been the case if I'd have had to sleep
in coach. Thank you!

And oh yes, at this point, you can do best by us by getting your
Lee & Miller books from the science fiction specialty stores
like Uncle Hugo's, The Missing Volume, Pandemonium Books, Larry Smith
(at conventions) or direct from us. Sometime this week I'll have a
list of the MM books we'll have available direct...it'll
probably be on the SRM catalog but we need to check with
the accountant to see how we need to work that.

And so sometimes there really is journey in journeyman.

Story stuff...
OK, so what *is* sea foam or the foam at the base of a dam or waterfall made of? What makes persistent bubbles? Is it "stretched water" as I heard someone tell a child?

Guesses are good, cites are better.