April 14th, 2007

Lord Black Cat

Between the snowflakes

Against my original plans, which had my trip to Atlanta including some PR/bookstore visits as well as chance to check in with friends along the way... the weather forecast has brought me north quickly, with a 200 plus mile run after I left Kelton Drive Thursday and close to 700 yesterday. Today is another day. The weather channel is blaring away telling me of heavy rain and snow for tomorrow, with some of it starting this evening in areas I'm to drive through to get home... so I intend to go through them before the precip starts. "Crippling Heavy wet snow" was the description I just heard... sigh.

For those playing along at home ... thanks and thanks again. Your support has helped me get this far this quick, toting a truck full of books. My train ride down worked really well... I managed to grab a sleeper between Washington and Atlanta and then, before my cellphone battery went wonky, I was able to take advantage of an FoL offer to pick me up at the Atlanta AMTRAK station...and since the train was on time and my ride early, I got in about an hour of cat low-key cat-scritching and such before picking up the rental truck. The rental place had scheduled me for 10 but I had a slowbee in front of me. With the sharp-eyed help of Nancy Barber the truck checked out and less than 3 hours after I arrived at Kelton Drive I was on the road with the payload of 66 cases or so of books, of which more in the next few days.

Along the way some minor problems -- the cellphone battery went up..so I couldn't get in touch with some people I was supposed to ... I apologize if I missed you, but the advanced rush would have made meeting very difficult anyway...I've been making do with a charger/adapter I bought at PILOT yesterday. Mostly though things have gone well, the truck has performed admirably, and now my hair is dry from my shower, so it's on the road again.

More tomorrow...
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