April 10th, 2007


On the road again ... with a twist

While I'm searching for my rail trip icons I might as well use the official Liaden Universe(r) Trip jar image, even though we usually don't use it when traveling alone. Still, this trip is very much a Lee&Miller, Liaden Universe(R)thing, which will become apparent down the road.

This unscheduled tour is causing ripples in the rest of the year: we'll be dropping several weekends at the ocean, at least, and the NASFIC appearance is very much in doubt. Our trip jar wasn't meant to support renting a truck for a 1500 mile (11 miles a gallon?) hike up the East Coast -- normally we'd expect SRM to handle that kind of thing. SRM, however, is committed to getting Liaden Universe Companion #2 out on time, and the recent orders from LUC#2 are in a dedicated account to that end. Yikes and double yikes.

I guess the the first hard part will be tomorrow evening -- while I usually sleep pretty well on the train, when possible we get a sleeper (for one thing meals come with the ticket then and besides, there's much more room to spread out a laptop and work) -- but the haste and budget have prevented that so far. We shall see what we can contrive. Sleeping well would make starting a return trip Thursday much more possible.

The next hard part will be deciding when to get off the road. In general I try to plan well ahead; this time I'll be traveling with an eye to gas stations, attention span, and various discount motel coupons snarfed from the local truck stop's "truckers news" bin.

I was thinking I might have my younger brother as a co-driver for a portion of the trip, but he came down with viral infection that's blown his balance out and is likely
to stay home. Gah .. I just remembered that I won't be driving the Subaru with it's onboard automatic toll-payer. I'll have to stop for everyone of those toll booths...

I do want to thank the folks who've already written volunteering time and energy along the way, and those who understand the delay in Fledgling as well. If you've been wanting to help, tell a friend about Fledgling or drop a few dollars in the trip jar... we appreciate it!