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it came out of the wordwork

(no subject)
Mike ...

so I did the preview, and there it was... amid all the appropriate trappings...
and so I clicked post and went on with other things....

the ways of LJ are mysterious.


That is all....

Spring is gersprung!
"Star Wars" und "Star Trek" waren gestern - die Zukunft heißt LIADEN. Mit dieser einzigartigen Science-Fiction-Saga haben sich Sharon Lee und Steve Miller in die Herzen unzähliger Fans geschrieben."

Well, surely, that must be a sign of spring -- because this book is due out in May but apparently can be DHL'd right now from amazon.de. Please tell your friends... and hey, if you know an editor for a science fiction publishing house that publishes in other than English, German, Russian, or Polish, let me know and we'll have an agent get right with them...

Busy me -- looks like I could be on the road this week. Anyone close to say Roanoke, or the well-known Charlotte to Chambersburg to Scranton to Albany Corridor? I may need to wave in passing...

Atlanta AMTRAK to Tucker/Stone Mountain
So much for tourist friendly information.

And so, not being able to decipher the supposed information at the MARTA site...

does anyone have suggestions about how to get from Atlanta's AMTRAK station to the Tucker/Stone Mountain area between 8 am and 10 am on a weekday...while carrying a laptop and other luggage?

Taxi? Bus? Rail? Peachpit?

I found one travel guide assuming I'll fly in... and another explaining how far away the AMTRAK station is from downtown...where I am not going, I suspect.

So, can anyone help a Mainer find his way about town?

I'm looking at arriving Thursday, I think. This week.

The return trip should start either Thursday afternoon or late Friday morning, depending on how I sleep on way down. The return trip I'll be driving. Can you say sudden business trip?

...and right, I need to get tickets in the next 18 hours or so. Hello, internet...