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it came out of the wordwork

DragonCon? Geesh
So I think there's a conspiracy -- I have several emails over the last three days asking me if we'll be going to DragonCon this year.

Most likely -- no. Rolanni's schedule at work tends to mediate against it... in fact this year's schedule is just in and getting to NASFIC is suddenly a squeeze, what with her department's quarters getting renovated this summer and needing to be refribbed after, and before school starts ... sigh and double sigh. We're trying to get the NASFIC schedule really nailed down, and DragonCon comes after that...

Now, if I had some room to store a few cases and a few more cases of books ahead of time, *I* might be able to get down with some pre-signed copies of Liaden Universe Companion #2 in time for the con in Atlanta ... but shipping to the hotel is out since I can't see paying a $15 fee for each box they touch... I think the last DragonCon we went to we went through about ten or 12 cases...

Now, out to the PO, where we're hoping for those cases of books that we were supposed to have last week, or the week before... if you've got an order in for LUC#1, please be patient while I sweat this out.