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it came out of the wordwork

Fresh Chick and other mysteries

that's Fresh Chickadeedeedee to you, and this photo is about 15 minutes old as I post it:

April 3, 2007 ...

chickadeedeedee close up

This guy could have landed on my lens

So yes, it *did* rain, sleet, and snow last night; the snow is still coming down. Not a lot of snow, but enough to make the birds all a-twitter. If I hadn't had a snow shovel in my hand I might caught the image of two low-flying geese buzzing through the area between our house and our small woods ... I could hear the plaintive cry now:

This isn't what it looked like in the brochure!

So, April 3rd's snowfall becomes internet fodder.

Other mysteries:

been a hard winter in some ways, and a hard week or two. You may have seen the news about rabbi and musician David Honigsberg succumbing to a massive heart attack last week, at age 48. David was an energetic man, prone to optimism and prone to laughter. His death hit me harder than I realized -- but then there you go, he combined so many of my interests in one person. A guitarist (which I never was, despite having owned two in my life) , a fiction writer, a man of the spirit... yes. An admirable person.

Some years ago I first met David at AlbaCon where he was quite a presence. As part of the Don't Quit Your Day job Players he brought an extra joy to me as I got back in the swing of conventions after almost a decade of depressed FAFIA. Many of you know that in my not-quite-misspent youth I shared a house with a couple guitarists and spent many a night among guitar playing fiends... um ... friends. In fact for awhile I made my living as an itinerant reviewer and poet -- reviewing books, movies, plays, music... ah, the music.... Meeting David and Keith DeCandido and the other DQYDJP helped revivify my ear, and I wrote a blurb for them... which may or may not have ended up on their website or an album.

Here is David at work and play...

you can see more from that evening in this *really old fashioned* page at one of my old websites....

I also got to be with David on a number of panels at other conventions -- and he was as articulate as a writer-panelist as he was as a guitarist and songwriter. The panel that stands out was a worldcon panel -- I think it must have been TorCon, in fact, where David joined Sharon and I and Jeanne and Spider Robinson for a riveting discussion of the act of collaboration.

Of course, David survived his first heart attack last year, and was -- according to his own blog -- moving forward. I figured I'd see him again, RSN. I missed him at Lunacon, because of pressing business here.

The mystery? Why now?

And so at the end of the week, last week, the week David died, we had tickets to a thing that happens up here in Waterville every spring -- The Knock On Wood Guitar Fest. It combines a workshop for aspiring guitarists during the day with a concert by the workshop leaders that evening. I didn't inflict myself on the workshops... but we did go, after all, to the concert, featuring three of the most radically different acts I've ever seen on the same stage. It was... wonderful. And driving away, with the glow if the performance all about me, I thought of David, and the DQYDJ Players and I remembered that I had these photos stashed away on the web.

There we go: don't forget.