March 30th, 2007

Lord Black Cat

If little Timmy is in the well...

If Little Timmy is in the well ....

I tried to sleep a little extra this morning, on account of I didn't sleep particularly well last night. Mozart took it upon himself to let the whole house know that something was not quite right -- perhaps Little Timmy was in the well!

Unable to extend sleep with all the noise, I rose, got dressed, and inspected.

No, no well downstairs -- that's a sump, Mozart! And Timmy couldn't fit there; that's why the screen is over it, to keep Timmy and cats from walking around with wet paws. No well in my closet, and no Timmy.

No well out front -- the DEP filled that thing in with concrete a couple seasons ago.

Now, there are some things that need attention real soon, and some causes for me not to have slept all that well last night.... but once I was up and about Mozart suddenly relaxed, as if Steve being up to look for Little Timmy was all that was needed.... and in fact, seeing Steve safely on the Timmy search, Mozart retired to his cat hammock in the front window for a no doubt well-deserved nap. Sigh.

Let me say this about that:

If Little Timmy is in the well I'll gonna get his skinny self outta there and collect some rent from that slacker.
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