March 23rd, 2007

Lord Black Cat

Long strange week, long strange post

We've had snow within the week, and an icy morning with freezing fog, and now a temperature of 57 F... is a pretty day.

Meanwhile, all kinds of things going on to keep us busy.

Equipment woes:

The Subaru took part in a weather-related sideswipe leaving the other vehicle basically spotless and leaving a long trail of green down the passenger side of our silver car. Entirely drivable, but looks like hell. And... we owe a number of years of payments on it, too... sigh. Needs to see what happens after I work it over with some rubbing compound.

Rolanni's printer is acting up and the simple turn-off-and-on resulted in a duplicate of the sound that chased two cats out of the room... not good.

The coffee pot came apart in a way I think designers has not planned. Very not good.

Other stuff:

We got a rather major bill from a company for service supposedly performed on our behalf sometime (as in years?) after we stopped using them. Sigh.

There's some publishing stuff that has to stay behind the scenes for awhile, but it's still eating time like mad.

With the weather changes and the time changes my allergies are acting up and I'm having trouble adjusting to new time. Add other stuff above and sleep is low...

Some hopeful things:

The new beta Linux distro I put on Rolanni's machine found the sound card. Found both the network cards, meaning I could take one back out. It politely asked if it should search for printers and when it did, it found both of them, one on the windows network, and printed to both of them... about 4 hours before one of them sounded like a robot gasping for oil. It prints to the other machine just fine...

Some of the publishing stuff that has to stay behind the scenes for awhile.

Soon I'll be talking about the flowers as much as the birds