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it came out of the wordwork

Over the weekend
Over the weekend:

we stayed home, because of the snow/ice/freezing fog. Much of it was very pretty. The snow itself was about three times heavier per six inches than any other snow we've had this year. We had wind, we had rain, we had the plow guy show up....

We didn't have surf, no, not here. However, there's a place called Camp Ellis that the Corp of Engineers has screwed royally over the years by building and rebuilding a jetty that's helping destroy the place ... you know, I'm from the government and I'm here to help you!

If these links still work you can get an overview of the recent activity down there at Camp Ellis in a video or look carefully at the Port Press thing and find the slide show, which is impressive ... the video of the road the guy drove out on...wow -- been on that road and he's lucky to have gotten out without toppling into the ocean...

About staying home -- we worked on stuff. Like Fledgling, and with luck all I have to do is upload a couple files at 11:59 1/2 for todays episode. We worked on the story for Jim Baen's Universe. We worked on catching up with the many posts on Baen's Bar. We worked on being patient... because the printer couldn't get the latest chapbook reprints to us last week. If you've recently ordered an SRM Publisher chapbook it may be delayed.

Ooops... gotta go get that Fledgling teaser up, too.