March 16th, 2007


Attention SFWA Members, Mainely Weather and More , and More...

Attention SFWA Members --

I know some of you read here. So, not interested in voting in an uncontested election? Well there, this note's for you! John Scalzi has opted in as a write-in for Prez and Derryl Murphy as a write-in for VP. No matter who you want in, now that ballot that's just been siting there means something. Details at the SFWA lounge...

Next, ...................................

A Winter Storm Warning remains in effect from 6 PM this evening
to 2 PM EDT Saturday.

Snow will begin late this afternoon... and become heavy at times
tonight with snowfall rates of an inch or two an hour possible.
The snow will begin to mix with sleet or freezing rain after

Total snow accumulations of 6 to 10 inches are expected by early
Saturday morning.

Travel will be very difficult. Avoid unnecessary travel. If you
must travel, drive with extreme care and allow plenty of time to
reach your destination.

And sigh. Would have preferred to have more snow in November and December, me...

But meanwhile, if you've noticed I haven't been around as much, you're right.

Not only has the projected novella for Jim Baen's Universe gotten underway, but... the Philip K. Dick award stuff is happening too.

I've been getting a book or two a day so far, and while I'm probably not going to finish reading every chapter of every book, I know I need to 1) read some of every one and all of many of them and 2) not let the books pile up to become a dreaded project at the end of the year. On top of that the latest Bren Cameron book by C.J. Cherryh is in house and I'm not going to let that slip until next year, either.