March 12th, 2007


Wherein technology glitches nearly win out on a Sunday Afternoon

With several weeks or preparation by lots of people, you'd think an event at Second Life's Info Island would run smoothly...

Alas, yesterday that was not the case as our Electric Words presentation ran into the falling difficulties:

a short delay because of log-on problems
a microphone glitch apparently on our end that turned out not to be on our end
an intermittent lock-up of avatars
sound/sound card issues for some people using the dual Second Life/OPAL interface....

and so it goes.

Despite the problems we carried on, booting out and back into the Second Life world at one point to take some questions, and sometimes with Sharon/Kit/Rolanni standing beside me rather than at her keyboard because the local bandwidth was screwey with us both running out to SL...

My take is that Second Life was running with 35000 people online this time, rather than the 24000 or so who were on the last time we did this; and Info Island is much more populated this time around, too. High prim count, high occupancy...

The show *did* go on. There will be a podcast of it shortly.

Meanwhile, words need writing.