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it came out of the wordwork

Back to the Boskone, for the musically inclined... A Liaden Universe filksong
I was remiss right after Boskone and I'd like to make up for it. I'd gotten verbal permission from Lee Gold to post the song she and her husband played for us late one night at the filks... Bit then I got otherly-oriented and neglected to follow through.

So, with fresh permission (and a chance to put it on a webpage as time permits):

by Lee Gold, lee.gold@ca.rr.com
with thanks to Steve Miller & Sharon Lee for writing the Liaden Universe
(TM) books to the tune of "Captain Jack and the Mermaid"

Watch the Loop and remember the lies you must tell.
CMS is eight-five; CPS seven-oh.
Your music is gone, but you do your work well.
You've got your assignment; your target's in range.
You're bound to your task as an agent of change.

Run, get a new face, and mix into a fight
CMS is nine-eight; CPS is nine-one
You rescue Miri, and she saves your life.
You'd be safer to kill her, but you tell her your name
Is Val Con yos'Phelium, agent of change.

Count coup, and remember the debt runs both ways.
CMS is nine-six, CPS is eight-nine.
"Miri, stick with me, and I'll keep you safe."
Put your hands on the keyboard; let the notes flow and glide
Till you can't see the faces of the people who died.

(switch to second tune)

Now the cops don't give up, and they're hot on your trail
And the crime lords hunt Miri and swear they won't fail,
But your worst foes hide deep in your world, in your soul
And your skills as a killer are chains they control.

They thought they could use you and then let you die,
But you kept on living, not certain quite why.
You know much too much, and you guess a bit more,
And the Numbers keep falling as they tell you the score.

Miri endangers your mission and life.
Don't trust her, don't like her, don't make her your wife.
You've told her too much. You must leave her behind.
"Miri, please kill me before They wipe my mind!"

Chance of Mission Success is down to oh-eight.
Chance of Personal Survival determines your fate.
No more Numbers to look at; just Zeroes instead.
Failure, death, and dishonor: the Loop says you're dead.

(switch back to main tune)

Miri is calling, but the air's hard to breathe.
Remember your music. Remember your name.
The Loop's telling lies: you don't have to believe.
The guitar's neck is broken. Can you break your chains?
Or are you still bound to be agent of change?