March 4th, 2007


Just when you thought it was safe -- news from Germany

So, there ... a quiet news month, eh?

I mean, what with The Tomorrow Log practically a stealth issue from Meisha Merlin (wow -- in mass market from Lee & Miller in January, buy it where you buy fine books) and the Ace edition of Crystal Soldier on sale at amazon and elsewhere as of last week (buy it where you buy fine books)... sigh we haven't seen authors copies of either, yet, such being the mid-list writer's lament...

But now, news from Germany!

Due in May -- Eine Frage der Ehre, von Sharon Lee, Steve Miller, Ingrid Herrmann-Nytko (Übersetzer) with a neato cover seen here ....

Due in June -- a blue cover, for Der Agent und die Söldnerin, von Sharon Lee, Steve Miller, Ingrid Herrmann-Nytko (Übersetzer)
and it's a very spacey cover with the word LIADEN very bold indeed

and then due late in the year we see
Gestrandet auf Vandar, just coincidentally von Sharon Lee, Steve Miller, Ingrid Herrmann-Nytko (Übersetzer) ...

do tell your German friends to be on the look out. This, by the way, was our first look at the cover art -- thank you, alert reader!

Meanwhile, it's nearly time for me to get back to work on a chapter so Rolanni can have a whack at the part I'm doing a little later... and I need to figure out lunch... and meanwhile, Rolanni has been working on her MySpace account while I've been over in SL and visiting and rec.arts.sf.written this morning.

Do remember that Rolanni and I, in the guise of Kit and Elan, will be giving a talk next Sunday in Second Life, at the Second Life Library ...