March 2nd, 2007


About the snow

OK, so the snow is pretty...

it started around 5:15 AM this morning as near as we can figure and is still coming down now. The warnings about wind... well... we had a nice breeze for awhile but I doubt it hit 30 mph much less 45 yet. As of 6:15 PM a 5 measurement consensus looks like 9 inches on the ground and it still falls. Our plow guy has been here once for a preliminary front-of-the-drive clearing so we can pull right out if we have need, but the full plow awaits the joys of sunlight tomorrow, as we expect a sunny day.

Very early -- just at sunrise as the snow was falling -- I heard what appeared to be a robin. I didn't *see* a robin, mind, but it sure sounded like a robin. On the day I sighted sparrows and juncos and a titmouse or two and doves and blue jays and a bunch of chickadee dee dees, the latter coming to sit on the deck-tree to chatter and cheer me on each time I cleared the deck during the day. We chased squirrels by opening the doors a couple times, but the gray guys were generally respectful today.

Work wise... Rolanni began the trek to work this morning and found road conditions worsening rapidly as she drove, so she returned rather than pushing on. We worked each on our own projects, with the lunch break asking for something different ... so I fixed chicken in a garlicky red sauce (with cheddar cheese at the table), asparagus with sweet red peppers, and added whole wheat rolls on the side.

Also work-wise: finished my part of another chapter's work and forwarded it; apparently it's now canon, which is cool. Did some other background work on other projects and answered some email, washed some dishes including the new microwaveable glass storage bowls we bought to replace some plastic bowls... we don't like to microwave plastic too often.

There was more, of course, including the scrubbling of cat belly and such...but the day is not done, so who knows what delights await. How's by you?

Amended to add -- this link to a web camera showing road conditions in nearby Waterville ... which at the moment looks like slush. You can also see how typically urban the city appears.