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it came out of the wordwork

While some people are stuck in ice... we walk on ancient ferns
While some travelers headed to Boston are stuck in ice, we're sitting at work in our comfy Westin room near the bay, waiting for the refrigerator. Earlier, we took a walk through the hotel after breakfast, walking on ancient ferns -- or the impression of them -- on the slices of rock they use for flooring in the hotel lobby.

Also seen this morning was long-time traveling fan and Friend of Liad, Larry Conley. Larry, in the past, suffered through an 18 hour comedy-of-aircraft getting from Albany to ShevaCon to visit with us, and he reports this trip was much better. Got the wifi working and found Phil of the Friends of Liad (and an LJ member) was online on my LJ buddy list and we chatted via IM for sometime before a plot discussion took me AFK.

The refrigerator we're waiting for was also requested last night when we arrived at the hotel about 10:16, the AMTRAK bus having made remarkable-on-schedule-time in the face of tremendous and howling headwinds and sidewinds, arriving at a not-quite random Boston curbside at an on the dot 10:05.

AMTRAK bus? Well, yes.. while a new, non-commuter segment of the line is being worked on, the late weekday train has temporarily transmogrified into a bus. The ride was comfortable, remarkably uncrowded, and even the movie was not offensive. It was *not* "Along Came Polly" which movie assaulted us several times the last time we traveled by bus.

Arriving, we came through the automatic door just in time to see Parris and GRRM standing up from a table in the lobby and moving toward another. Shortly after we ran into a host of Boskone regulars including Tony and Suford Lewis, Martin Deutsch of the traveling east coast artshow crew...and a sudden
crowd of others: David Hartwell, Lis Carey, Bonnie,Ted, and Kurt of AlbaCon fame, and in full con-mode, the inestimable Hotel Liason SMOF, Ben Yalow. For some reason -- oh, it was the handing out of Fledgling business cards -- we ended up with several varieties of Get Out of Hell Free cards in exchange, as well as hearing part ofthe saga of Flamingo Montoya. Also, a Fledgling donation sufficient (it turns out) to cover a fancy breakfast, served on square plates.

A busy week it was, even before scheduling in the trip from East Winslow. Did an interview ... which turned into a 1500 word feature ... for the local paper as well as the ordinary of packing and shipping SRM Publisher books, getting the latest Fledgling chapter up within a few moments of scheduled time, and the like. Also shoe-horned in some snow shoveling, cat-belly scritching, and other such mundanities.

Today we're running at a comfortable pre-convention speed... I'll be walking down to the dealer's room in a bit, and Rolanni, who is working on a future chapter of Fledgling, despite being at con, is ready to do the same.

More later....