January 29th, 2007


Cool time in the country

Some things are cool, some things are not...

Cool? Minus 4 F (-4F) or around -20 C when we got up today; a brilliant bright blue day today with just a few clouds.

Not cool: our printer tells me the part hasn't arrived, so no chapbook delivery today and likely not tomorrow. I hate to fall behind more than three days on these orders.. sigh.

Cool -- we spent some time last evening considering theme music for the Fledgling podcast. As a result... the podcast this week may be delayed a bit. The Fledgling chapter online should be going up at the regular time.

Not as cool... gas prices have "firmed" as they say, meaning a station that was selling gas at $2.09/gallon last week is selling it at $2.14 this week. I think in my heart that gas prices are too low... but still, with winter on, lower heating bills are good, and the gas prices reflect there, too.

Cool... we found a frame for the cover of Crystal Soldier, which is due out from Ace next month... not as cool? I really ought to rearrange the cover art we have on display... which means I ought to do something about repainting the living room which hasn't been repainted in years and years... and if I repaint the living room then the kitchen and hallway will demand like attention and ... and ... and all because a cover of our 9th mass market from Ace has shown up.

More as time permits
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