January 24th, 2007


100 miles to go before the day is done...


something over a hundred miles today what with trip to Augusta for some chapbook reprints and a run to town to bank and to pick up some bird food since the cold weather makes the birds hungrier... So at a store I was in early today the bird food was marked 3 20 lb bags for $9.99. At the hardware store the same bird food was "on sale" for $4.99 each. Harumph.... but since I was after woodpecker special blend, they got us for a bunch more. Sigh - the woodpecker blend *does* draw the woodpeckers as well as the cardinals.

When I left home, early, it was foggy and the temp was 11 degrees... when I got home the temp was 41 and we had clear skies. Wunderground is calling for only flurries anytime in the next week...pooh on that!

We've updated the Fledgling page ...which is to say Rolanni changed the donation bar to indicate most of Chapter 18 is paid for (thank you all very much!) and also adjusted it a bit to make it easier for visitors to find podcast info. Slowly we learn...

Been on the road, so now to work.
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