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it came out of the wordwork

Moving forward
We always like to think we're moving forward, but it looks like my chess game is stalled. I hope that's because I'm approaching or on one of those plateaus...

Last night's main event at the chess club saw me lose what looked like a laugher by the end, where I was searching fruitlessly for one of those last minute stalemates... sigh, no such! Early, though, I'd had an advantage (as my opponent Vaughn Sturtevant suggested as soon as the game was over...) but I missed the active trade that would have solidified that advantage, instead losing a tempo with a late retreat. I'm not averse to playing a piece for two pawns down, as many Waterville chess club players have discovered over time... but this time I blew it,

The other games were fun games, mostly with John, who won more than I did, but we had a good time.

Leaving chess, it was snowing...unexpectedly. We got enough to freshen up the recent snows, but certainly under an inch and nowhere near the sudden six inches they had in southern Maine. Can't have all the luck, I suppose....

On the other hand, Fledgling is moving forward and eventually I'll be able to have time to try to correct a couple of minor glitches with the first chapter. Many folks won't notice these, anyway, but we'll do what we can as time permits. I'm informed by Rolanni before she left for work that we had a couple more donations in the morning email bin, so we're closing in on Chapter Seventeen... Also, we've had good response to the podcast, so thanks!