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it came out of the wordwork

And now the news.... Fledgling... and.... a Fledgling podcast, due today
Later today, at as close to noon as we can make it between our atomic clock feed, my fingers, and the internet, the first installment of Fledgling should be available for your reading enjoyment. That's right -- at our special Korval.com Fledgling address which some of you have already been visiting -- the story in print, or at least on screen. You can even read the rules there while you're waiting, if you like.

A little later in the day, which is to say some what after noon, If All Goes Well, and as I learn the ways of an entirely new system... we hope to have the first installment of Fledgling available as a podcast, through the mighty efforts of Sam Chupp and the good folks at Fireheart Foundry who are already responsible for creating the podcast for our ground breaking appearance at the Second Life Library a few months ago.

While the storyteller bowl concept and podcasts are not new, they're new to us, so we'll hope you'll hang in with us if we get a bit fumble-fingered... and we hope that if you've got good ideas you'll share them. In some ways, in this bright new age, all of us are amateurs.

As always, if you're inclined to share links to our projects, we appreciate it greatly.

version 1.11

Do you digg it?
Well crew, if you're still with us after all this,
Sam Chupp has posted an article that you can digg and help spread the word about Fledgling... if you are already a member of Digg, we greatly appreciate the help... and if you aren't a member but join to do this, we *very greatly* appreciate your effort.

Me? With borderline dyslexia sometimes I have a bit of a hard time with those little boxes full of letters all at odd angles....


Oh yes, and I want to thank those of you who have found time and energy to read (or listen) to our chapter and contribute to the Fledgling fund... let me assure you that just because that little "percentage of chapter paid for" bar doesn't change as soon as you click the Paypal button doesn't mean anything is wrong. We -- gasp! -- manually adjust that once a day, because in addition to the Paypal donations we have donations come in through snail-mail. Every little bit helps, but you won't see that result instantly....