January 21st, 2007


And so... a beautiful morning, -3 F when I rose...

Yes, a beautiful day in neighborhood, cloudless sky, proper temperatures... and the birds working hard on the last 20 LB bag of mixed food. The cardinal, alas, prefers the goodstuff bird food, of which the last loose-style was distributed during the snow storm. We do still have several of the wood-pecker favorite food, which the cardinals also devour... I see a trip to Agway in my future!

Meanwhile, I'm working on some details of the Fledgling Project... everytime I say, "OK, we're set" a little voice says to me... "By the way, did you remember to..." and I won't repeat my usual follow-on.

We've long been fans of Narbonic and if you're not familiar with it, this is a good time to start on the Director's Cut version since the strip is .. finished after 6 years. I mention this because Narbonic, like a number of webcomics, offers fans and friends an opportunity to contribute Narbonic-related art to an on-going gallery.

So here's the question: should we create a Fledgling art gallery? I know, you haven;t seen the story yet and there may be absolutely nothing art-worthy in it. On the other hand, since we're going to have at least 30 installments, something picturesque may result... who knows, maybe a Liaden Universe® fan-illo-of-the-week could follow.

...and the bad news is that either either the Seahawks or the Bears will lose while either the Colts or the Patriots will win today. Sigh, what a hard day it is for a dyed-in-wool Baltimore fan! I think it ought to be the Bears vs. the Seahawks in the Superbowl, myself...
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