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it came out of the wordwork

Looking Forward
Last evening Rolanni found her preliminary Boskone schedule at hand, and this morning....
mine appears in my email mailbox... an alphabetic accident I wonder?

In any case, prelims look like this, with the constanr caveat that there's still around a month to go and things are subject to change...
Steve Miller

Sat 11:00am
Straddling the Line: SF and Mystery Hybrids
Is "whodunit meets howdunit" a more natural marriage than with,
say, a technothriller nurse book? Compared to regular SF, must
you plot more rigorously? Can you hide more clues among SF's
many infodumps? Who has arranged this kind of marriage
especially well? How?
Robert I. Katz
Paul Levinson
(M) Steve Miller
Melissa Scott

Sat 12:00 noon
What Can't You Read?
All of us have books that are considered classics or, when we
hear the
description are convinced are exactly the type of book we would
like -- yet we don't. What are some of yours, and why? What
makes some types of books very widely regarded by many yet
nearly unreadable by a few.
Janice Gelb
Fred Lerner
Steve Miller
(M) Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Sat 2:00pm 0.5 hours
Sharon Lee
Steve Miller

Sat 5:00pm
The Small Press Renaissance
Small presses are becoming more important, not only in
reprinting fiction but also as a source of new fiction. From
the publisher's side, how can you build up a small press? What
are small press opportunities for writers? What kinds of
special things can small presses do that the bigger publishing
houses may ignore?
Beth Bernobich
(M) Steve Miller
Steven Sawicki
Lawrence Schoen

Sun 11:00am
The Ever-Growing Rift -- Pros and Fans
Five years ago at Boskone, we discussed the growing rift. It's
time to look back, to see if things have gotten better -- or worse.
Below is what we asked then. Let's look at those questions
again, five years later.

In recent years, some pros view themselves as separate from the
fannish community, and some fans are happy to have it that way.
It used to be different. What happened? Is it getting worse?
(Yes - but why?) How can this (damaging...OK, argue it if you
want!) trend be reversed?
Gay Haldeman
George R. R. Martin
Steve Miller
(M) Priscilla Olson


The committee is still working on the smaller events, the literary beers and kaffeklatches and the like... we hope to have those scheduled, if we happen to have any this time around, by February 1 or so.

As I usually do, I try to look ahead in particular to the panels I'm moderating ... and ask around so I have a wider view to work from....so if you've read this far, what're *your* favorite "science fiction mysteries" ...what was the first you read and recognized as such. Do you avoid such crossovers or seek them out? Can an argument be made that *all science fiction stories* are at heart mysteries?... is Balance of Trade a mystery?

Awaiting your input, I am!