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it came out of the wordwork

Still in search of a linux accounting program
The revised GnuCash might be the ticket... we'll have to see if I have time to grab it and mess with it. What I'm looking for should have reasonable small business capability. It needn't be scalable to 300 desktops.

Meanwhile: it's -3F at 7:12 AM and we're going to start the car so the seats are warm when we take off out of here to deliver Rolanni to the hill.

Yesterday I looked out the window and saw our local eagle fly over -- about 100 feet away -- on his way to scout one of his favorite fields. Note that I did not go outside with the camera to grab his portrait, this time time.

Yesterday's mail run and email run together yielded a lot of junk mail ... and a single fair-sized paper check in support of Fledgling, for which we thank you, folks. We didn't get a chance to upgrade the numbers yesterday, but once folded into the total I think that'll finish up Chapter 16 and start Chapter 17. In my calculations we'll hit the half-way point when Chapter 19 is paid for, since I'm guessing we'll have 37 chapters and maybe an author's note there at the end to deal with. This is a guess... we might do 35 and we might do 40, depending on the story.

I see Andrew Wheeler of Science Fiction Book Club took note of our project in his blog early in January. Please, if you happen to notice such links or mentions of Fledgling or any of our work, feel free to let us know. We can't egoscan everyday, after all.

Off topic, a note for search engines and such ... Fashion Bug Sucks, Part Two
Will someone please tell Fashion Bug that phone calls telling me about the latest bra sale are probably not going to result in additional profit for them? And that giving me a number I should call to opt out of future calls is an absurd imposition? So if I happen to be waiting for a call about an ill family member I can hang up -- and you'll call me back -- or I can listen to your spammy message and then have to spend my energy to call you? Whoa..bad form, Fashion Bug.


Dear Fashion Bug Corporate:

if all the corporations in the US call me and require me to call them back so they won't bother me again, how shall I have time to work, or even to shop?

Maybe if I had a pen I would have written your number down. But I didn't. So I called your local store and asked them to pass the news upline that I don't want your phone calls. Next time you call. I'll call several stores. Got that? I doubt it.

Fashion Bug engages in unfortunate business practices. Shop there at your peril.