January 17th, 2007


Ok, OK...stuff is going on, things happening

So yes, some stuff is going on. Some of this has been in the works for months... we try not to get too far ahead of ourselves in announcing things since experience shows that things sometimes change with little warning... things are like that!


One thing:

you can see our webscription page now... if you've a mind to. ... I'll note that the more people who click on the link, the higher up it goes in the search engine count. Since there's about 81000 things to choose from under Liaden, a click above will make it easier for folks to find the new things and give the old ones a rest...

Another thing:

yes, we've been asked (and have agreed) to do a Liaden story -- a novella -- for Jim Baen's Universe. No, it won't come out in March.

Boskone: still no program schedule for that, sorry. We're trying to figure out where we'll eat, being we have word from some fans that there's not much eating within walking distance. Hints, anyone?

Meanwhile, the low temp i saw myself was -11 F... just at sun up. Right now my handy dandy electronic outside thermometer tells me we have a sizzling +2 now that the sun is beating down on the back deck. Twenty minutes ago, when the shade was still in force, it was -2 F.

Version 2.4 ... sigh...

Late in the day the temperature got up to 7.8 degrees but has fallen back to 3 degrees F...and I've updated a couple our web pages to link to the Baen webscription page cited above. We're looking for a low of about 10 below zero and then a milder day tomorrow, followed by snow late tomorrow night and into Friday.