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it came out of the wordwork

All knowledge is Contained in Fandom and Live Journal -- that means help!
And so, the subject of this entry was to be fluffy and light -- yes -- snow. Snowing for the second day in the row, this time to some effect.

But no, having rescued Rolanni from a snowy hill I come home to the oddity of only having the Linux box on... the Windows machine, a Vaio VGC-RB40, has shut itself off in my absence.

When I rebooted it, I got the cryptic message "chassis fan is turning too slow, F1 to..." and etc.

In fact, when I opened the case I discovered the fan did not spin easily and I did my best to clean out accumulations and then I rebooted...

and got the same warning message as the fan slowed down to nothing...

So having cleaned that fan again (and the box entire big time when I opened the side of the case), I got the message, bu the fan continued to run and in fact gained speed rather than losing it...

So, is having the side of the case open and off any replacement for the fan drawing at proper speed? The processor fan is working. As far as I can hear, the power supply fan works....

...this mess is coming at a bad time since we just moved all of the SRM bookkeeping over here from Rolanni's machine...

Meanwhile... does anyone have experience with Linux accounting programs for small business? Has GnuCash really grown up? If I'm messing with stuff it may be time to make *that* move, too.