January 14th, 2007

Lord Black Cat

Mixed Grill

Brief notes:

it is snowing and has been since about 6 AM. I see the male cardinal when I peer out the window. He's looking like a Christmas card perched on a branch that has a line of snow on top of it; the female was at the feeder moments ago. If I read the various forecasts right we're looking for about 9 inches of snow all told... at the horrific rate of about three inches a day... sigh. Much better than nothing, but I may have the plow guy make me a big pile somewhere in case the weather fails.

Bummed out I am. I was hoping to see either the Ravens or Philadelphia in the Superbowl. Well, that clears some time for me to get into Second Life over the next month, doesn't it? If you get on Second Life for the first time and tell them that Elan Neruda sent you... and then join up... I get a few bonus points to help with the Lee & Miller/ SRM Publisher presence in-world. Once the Baen ebooks are for sale we'll have some SL links from our spots for folks to visit the Baen website as well. If you visit Second Life, use search to look for Friends of Liad, Friends of Liad Park, SRM Publisher, and Science Fiction Rangers....

Breakfast this snowy morning... couldn't resist... buttermilk biscuits and gravy.

I love my wooden utensils. Just thought I'd mention that.

This just in: news that Fledgling, as of this morning, has a total of 170 individual donations, ranging from $2 to over $100. Gang, you've astounded us. We have work through May 7, so far... or going on 16 weeks.

The plow truck came by a moment ago, scattering doves and chickadees and flinging sand all about every which way. At the end of the road there's a pile of sand I intend to mine next year... as soon as I get a wheel barrow. It'll be good exercise -- pushing the barrow about a quarter mile round trip, plus sand. The sand has been building up for about four years now, I guess, so I better do it before the town wastes money cleaning it up after they spent money laying it down.

So, pasta with a red sauce seems indicated for dinner. Rotini, yeah, that's the ticket. With extra garlic. Hmmm.. is there really a condition known as extra garlic? Is there ever exactly enough?