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it came out of the wordwork

Little cat feet... have you ever heard a herd of cats?
Lord Black Cat

there's a chance or two that we may be out of touch electronically tomorrow on account of the weather. All of the sudden, you see, we're told to expect rain, frrreeezing rain, sleeeeet...and maybe just a touch of snow, with sleet accumulations of up to an inch. On the overnight and into tomorrow. Oh yeah, for good measure... with winds tomorrow ranging from 10 to 40 mph. Does this sound like a recipe for connectivity continuity?

Ravens vs. the Colts? That'll be a football game of *some interest* in Baltimore, eh what?

I see by the ticker that Fledgling support has jumped the 13th chapter hurdle. That means, if all goes well, Chapter Thirteen will be posted April 23, 2007. Go readers!

Weather will likely determine if I get to chess tomorrow, too. Sigh... I'd hate to miss two weeks in a row.