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it came out of the wordwork

About food
Lord Black Cat
Silver Dollar Pancakes and other such...

I'm bothered that several local eateries advertise a breakfast of eggs and "three Silver Dollar Pancakes" and then serve three of these monstrous things that barely fit on a dinner plate. Then... they serve these things with your choice of an unnatural jelly from a unopenable plastic security bin (peach-apricot? apple-strawberry-kiwi-fruit?) or an instant-mess dispenser of something labeled "table syrup."

Have you noticed that many foods offered up as low fat are high sodium? I mean really, when one cup of low fat soup serves you 50% of your daily sodium overdose...

Have you noticed that some things that never had sugar in them are being advertised as "sugar free"... right. "Sugar free H20 -- The Better Water." "New Table Salt, Sugar Free for Your Health!"

I'm relieved to be able to order senior meals without being challenged -- the gray beard does it. I appreciate the more reasonable portions (see rant above re pancakes the size of Manhatten)