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it came out of the wordwork

Getting close to New Year here...
Second Life
We're going to have pizza in a little bit, followed by a round of fireworks... in Second Life, perhaps a little early, to ring in the New Year as the world turns. I've been collecting fireworks for over a year, so this is a good way to use up some of that inventory, but sharing with fans and friends on the island of Chatrez.

Around here the temp is 14 degrees F, and there's snow on the ground -- a bit of it -- which looks quite nice with the moon bright and shiny overhead and the various holiday lights from our house and the neighbors.

I hope you all have a good year next year and that we all recover from this year (and year end) as quickly as possible...

It's been a busy year, so I'll be glad to see it retire at midnight.

Author ISO fun in the morning...
Yeah... two of the comic strips I've been reading regularly stopped doing regular strips as of close of business Saturday. Yahhh!

Narbonic is finished, or gone to a "Director's Cut" replay... and Foxtrot has gone to weekend only.

I'm in search of a couple more morning comics... sigh.