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it came out of the wordwork

Some busyness is bisible... and some ain't
Lord Black Cat
Or something like that...

had enough sudden snow late yesterday afternoon that some of it is still around... hip hip! We were so much on the border of the the snowfall that while driving in driving snow to retrieve Rolanni from the phones, I needed my sunglasses when driving west...

in the last few days I've been to several post offices getting packages mailed at the most advantageous pace. It's really true that packages mailed from one local post office can take an extra day, sigh. That's extra time on the road on this end, of course, and extra mileage. I mention mileage because I can see that gas prices are drifting upward. I also saw, in a post office, the most outrageous package...a little above six feet long it was... and they'd gotten it in from another post office, though regulations clearly forbade mailing that package at that rate class. Imagine, if you will, a standard brown cardboard box about 18 inches square, topped with a series of smaller -- say 12 inch square -- white boxes with the Priority Mail logo on them, all taped together with ribbons of Priority Mail tape. It wanted to sit on the larger box, ... so I figure someone had mailed a coat rack, assembled. I can't know that of course, since as far as I know it wasn't mailed to me. Thankfully.

Other stuff we've been doing involves getting Fledgling in gear...I hear this morning that we've got support up to more than half-the-way-through chapter 12... and we're several chapters into the writing, with notes all over the place as well...wheeee!

and I've been taking care of minor business on Second Life...

and at some point I'm going to write to Home Depot to ... comment, that's the ticket, let's call it comment on the especial flimsiness of the seasonal products they've chosen to sell this year. These things should not be one-time-use, I feel, but when they hardly survive being put together for one use how will they survive being taken down and stored for another? I am seriously displeased, HD, especially since I forsook similar products at Rite Aid and used an extra gallon of gas to arrive at the stuff I purchased from you. ....

There's some other watch the skies stuff going on which has been taking up a fair amount of time... cross those fingers. Do you remember when computers were going to render paper obsolete? Yeah, right!

Truck truck! Ooops. Sigh, too. Only my new slacks coming in from LL Bean before Rolanni's time in the trenches there ends. I'll look at them later.

Question -- does anyone *really* still buy stock on the basis of "lost" email that happens to find their email box? Do you? If so, I'd like to get you in on the ground floor of a chance to profit from leasing the air rights above the famous Solcintra to Lytaxin toll bridge. This is a limited time offer, so shower me with your unmarked cash immediately. I must be able to trust you!

And... drum roll! ... SRM Publisher bought me a new adding machine. What a great present for the company president, eh? The old one had bit the dust some-time-back and really, while it's extremely easy to use a computer as an adding machine, the cost effectiveness of printing whole sheets of paper to record 7 lines of totals... is low.

The day is bright blue, reminding me in part of the beautiful weather we had (except for the near-blizzard we left Maine in!)... last January when we went to Colorado Springs for COSine... and also reminding me that COSine, with Connie Willis as GOH, is just around the corner. As much as we'd like to go back, this year we're constrained by Rolanni's upcoming job and the need to retrain me in the bookkeeping, which has grown far more cumbersome since the days when three orders of Two Tales of Korval was a good week. COSine is run by a fun group of fans and the hotel's convention facilities were excellent. If Colorado Springs is a reasonable trip for you, do try to make it. If you've got time on your hands you might also volunteer. Special hint -- going to a small con is the best way to really get to meet a GoH.

Already I'm thinking lunch. I did a sort of sweet and sour turkey stirfry last night, featuring asparagus for greens, so maybe lunch today will be something simple, like salads since we always prepare far more salad for the holidays than we can eat by ourselves, and rarely have a lot of guests. Salad for lunch...

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