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it came out of the wordwork

Assorted thoughts distributed across space-time
Lord Black Cat
Still not king

Meanwhile, my presumption is that the holiday season will be a disappointment to Wall Street. At this point during the holiday stores are often frenzied. Here, I'm seeing quiet retail activity, few to no lines, parking lots with lots of empty space. Perhaps that's because Waterville has not grown into it's new "I am not a mall" shopping area. Or maybe not...

No chess Monday coming...sigh. Maybe I can find mty old Chessmaster 2000 discs...

Isn't it odd to see Microsoft handing out "Linux licenses"... come on -- just buy Novell and get it over with, will you?

Watch the skies.

Still no reasonable snow here. Colorado, you can send some our way!

I haven't bought by holiday sauerkraut yet. Guess I'll be a last-minute shopper. Oh yeah, need some cranberry sauce, too.

Will telephone tables disappear now that everyone packs a phone in their pocket?

I still miss my little S-10 sometimes. Oh for the joy of standard shift.

The downstairs office is making headway against empty boxes. I sill don't have a printing contract for a reprint or new-print of Liaden Universe Companion Volume One... guess I got to get on the stick there...

My oatmeal should have been ready 5 minutes ago -- I better go eat

... and my oatmeal was ready... but in the middle of the meal some traveling Watchtower missionary types came by to interrupt. I, alas, was not able to shake hands with the male of the duo, explaining -- rather briefly -- that I was at breakfast. Note to missionaries: never stop at my house by parking lengthwise across my driveway as if to block my exit again...

Do all appliances need batteries and brains? I managed to find, after a long search, a Bissell non-electric, non-battery powered floor sweeper. It wasn't easy to find. But a rechargeable battery powered back-up floor sweeper is another excuse to pollute, IMNSHO. This is lighter, and I can use it without sucking power from the grid.

I need to buy another 5000 to 10000 sheets of paper. Sigh. At least the paper isn't battery powered.

I will be glad when the Tim Horton's they're building in our neck of the woods actually gets here. When it does, I will begin pestering them to add scones to the stateside menu.

OK... we're now officially in the holiday. Have fun.

Off to the real world and safely returned
A beautiful day today, all bright blue skies... and slowly increasing wind which meant by the time I was back home to play with the dysfunctional artificial tree in the yard I couldn't properly take all the little parts off and on and etc... so the tree is still 3/4 lit. I am not.

Meanwhile, saw several stores with a few more people in them, but there was no line and no waiting at Home Depot and lots of people wandering but no one in line at the Rite Aid. Strange holiday.

Because I could: a cheesy title...

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
His Exalted Highness Duke Steve the Edible of Frome Valley
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

But, if that's not enough, in reserve I am:

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Most Noble and Honourable Steve the Feline of Hardy St Thomas
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Yesterday Kit and I went ice skating on Chatrez Island in Second Life. Cool. Had a good time, I did.

Also yesterday, we invaded downtown Waterville, with Rolanni checking out the local fab clothing spot to see what the SALE SALE SALE signs were selling, since she had a gig coming up. I took a quieter walk, across the lot and upstairs to the Music Gallery, where I committed music...well, I committed some music and then insidiously showed some to Rolanni who... tapped the counter and added it to our pile.

So, the take:

Speechless -- "The Instrumental Bruce Cockburn" -- Bruce Cockburn

Modern Times -- Bob Dylan

Soapbox Heroes -- enter the haggis

The Road to Escondido -- JJ Cale and Eric Clapton

ummm... yes, I *do* lean toward guitar music sometimes, don't I? Had a wonderful talk with Bruce at the Music Gallery Guy ... about favorite guitar albums.