December 6th, 2006


A more normal winter's day

Depending on which thermometer was talking, the temp outside when I got up around 5:55 was 5.8 degrees F or 6.9 degrees F. Cool enough to start the car a few minutes early before zipping Rolanni down to Cousin Bean's for the day's talking, but with some high clouds portending potential snow... and the moon shined wanly through as the sun rose.

Yesterday I delivered around 100 chapbooks to the PO; today I've got around 175 packages to take (I'm leaving in a couple minutes...) which is around 210 copies of Allies. Tomorrow, assuming I can get going when I get back from the PO around noon today, I'll have about 40 more pre-orders to go, most of them Canadian I think, though I discovered I have at least two more Australian orders along with a New Zealand order ... thought I'd gotten all the really distant orders out (like Japan) early.

Perhaps more later.