December 3rd, 2006

Lord Black Cat


A day pocked with random thoughts as I sign and pack Allies. I'll update this in between book batches.

1) People who still think "practice makes perfect"... have never seen my signature...especially when I'm on iteration number 107 of a day...

2) Many cooks are guilty of spice-abuse. I abuse chopped chives, garlic, Old Bay Seasoning, and Duck Sauce. How about you?

3) My palate, my wallet, and my patience all conspire against my understanding the joys of single malt.

4) Wow, looks like the second chapter/installment of Fledgling is now paid for! I really do need to find a web-meter so readers can stay informed.

5) I wonder if experienced autograph collectors can determine mood and necessity from their autographs... you know -- "This is a 'I-need-a-pee-break signature' " ... and this is a "God, these seats are hard and the coffee tastes like chalk!" signature ... and this is a "this pen will damn-so finish this one even if I have to over-write three times...."

6) Have you ever had a case of the almost? In the last 24 hours I almost spilled a bowl full of olive oil... I didn't, but then I managed to drip what had sneakily slopped over the edge. Today I almost dropped an empty coffee cup... didn't, but the recover meant I splashed some of my milk around instead...

7) Does listening to loud music make it heard for you to see?

8) I wonder, are people of any particular blood type more at risk for specific diseases? If so, is it a function of the blood or the demographics, or some statistical fluke? Are some blood types stickier or redder?

9) I went through Korval's website's inner workings in the last few days, cleaning up old log files. Thousands of them, as it turns out. They add up, even at one a day, when you've been with the same ISP for going on 9 years...

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