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it came out of the wordwork

Today's progress
Second Life
This post was amended multiple times today...

I had plans, you see.

One of the things I did was get things situated...

for example, I added these two PDFs:
the Fledgling Info flyer and the Liaden Universe Companion, Volume Two flyer... to the general Korval website so people can print copies for their own use, or extra copies if they're going to conventions, club meetings, libraries, or the like...

Also, I added Liaden Universe(R) Companion Volume 2 order info to the main SRM catalog page... although it's really at this page I connected to the catalog sometime earlier this evening.

I also got deep into the heart of korval.com while rolanni was still off at LL Bean and created an extra special email account, just for this Fledgling project ...and now the Fledgling page she built yesterday is live!

This posting mutated.

Version 1.00 1:18 PM my time
Version 2.00 5:02 PM my time
Version 3.00 6:39 PM my time
Version 4.0 7:34 PM my time