November 29th, 2006


Spoke to the printer today... SRM Publisher stuff

Well there...

I talked to our printer today... and he's supposed to be doing me a quote on a mass-market-sized perfect bound book... to see if we can go ahead with a small paperback of Liaden Universe Companion #1...

also... (hooray!)...

it appears we'll be able to start packing books (Allies) sometime Friday afternoon on Saturday morning. Cross fingers, do.

I haven't looked over the whole database for factoids (yet), but several I noticed in passing: Allies was pre-ordered by exactly the same number of people with Canadian addresses as with UK addresses... and 11 -- that's eleven -- different countries will be represented in the pre-order mailing alone. Cool.

Today was the second day in the row that the windshield wipers removed snow before I took Rolanni off to work. Then it got to 43F and gray again. A correspondent tells me "there's a chance of plowable snow this weekend!" ... said with big grin and lots of energy and a thumbs up, too.

Now, dinner is in works. Maybe a glass of wine with dinner... and biscuits... that's the ticket!