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it came out of the wordwork

Some snow here, not enough to cover everything a couple inches deep but enough to be seen while driving.. and in the colder corners of the property it's even visible as a start of a covering. Not likely to get deep: too warm, too scattered.

Yesterday, rather than picking up Allies ... we drove to Augusta and viewed the proof. As we walked into the front door of the printers the office manager could be heard talking over the sounds saying "I'm know, and I'm sorry, but that machine is down today!"

*That machine* is the one Allies is to be printed on, so rather than starting to print immediately after we left, Allies is delayed yet again....

And when I went to the Post Office today the Postmaster admitted that no, he *hasn't* ordered all those $4 stamps we asked him for.... so that means when we have the books packed one of us (likely me) will have to stand in line for hours while each one is wanded and stamped and... sigh.

Am working on a couple things; more later, if I get anything accomplished.


Chess last night was another brilliantly fought loss, this time to John Engle. Maybe I ought to try playing the game even up instead of with all these fireworks-laden come-from-behind tries. The game last night gave me real winning chances though a piece down...and when John traded off the rooks leaving me with only pawns to his pawns and bishop... I still had decent chances until I played a second move out of sequence... geesh. As I left the club other members were still going over a game I'd lost on time, assuring themselves there were good drawing chances there... oh sigh. I'm good, but careless, this fall.