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it came out of the wordwork

Mixed Media: Moose and Squirrel and notes and nots from East Winslow
First, this just in:

Microsoft thinks you pay them to own your computer... but they aren't responsible if something doesn't work. And you can't upgrade your computer without paying them again, so there!


Monday was very busy, including a last minute proofing at home of the Allies files, which finished around noon when I grabbed a cup of light-and-lively as lunch and then dashed off to the Post office (where a large box of Priority envelopes for mailing Allies was waiting) and then down the road to Augusta to wait in line as power lines were worked on.. .and then a shorter wait at the printer to discover that... Allieshas become such a large project that that the "proof before print-run" clause has kicked in. Yep, we have to print more than 500 copies just to take care of pre-orders, which means as far as the printer is concerned we can't take a risk on something being not quite right (in the last 5 projects the not quite right as come out a couple times... like wrong cover on a reprint, pages mis-ordered, a page upside-down...)and so this has added hours if not days to the time-line... all is potentially set back a few days. We'll be labeling envelopes, at least, today.


got out of the printer sore disappointed, and then got snarled in more power line work. Luckily I'd brought (at Rolanni's suggestion) the whole traveling CD collection and I had my good buddy JJ Cale to listen to. 13 Days on The Road, yes... sometimes we make money, sometimes I dunno....


Going around the power line problem brought me the back way home, which was a pleasant if not fast drive; drove by the ol' work place there at the Oakland Public Library but failed to stop... but before I got there I had a squirrel with a death wish charge into the road. I missed him, which slowed me down and then about 2 minutes later, thankfully going somewhat slower... I slowed way down for the moose who stood on the side of the road, apparently gazing in wonder at the center line, trying to decide if he'd cross the road. Got past him.. carefully... and going up the next hill at a bit of speed the Subaru nearly got creamed by a turkey flying low over the road. If I'd have been driving a car with my Uncle's Bobby's old super-whip radio antenna I'd have had fresh turkey to bring home....


speaking of turkey, I then shopped in a series of stores to achieve a Thanksgiving meal -- and... boy, what do I want with a 24 pound turkey? After fighting through the crowds at one store I went to another where I found some interesting looking turkey medallions with no price evident in the case so i settle on a nice pre-cooked, just-heat-it turkey breast... but forgot the yams.


Got home just in time to get on the net with the promised revision of the web page Monday afternoon and then grab chess-stuff and rush off the chess where I lost on time to Mark McPheters, bringing us sort of even for the tournament. I may be the only one to beat him so far in the event... Then, Allies not hanging over my head, I played John a series of 10 minute ladder games, coming out on the short end of the 3 games to 2 run, alternating losses.. but by then it was pushing 11 PM so I wandered on home... whew.


took Rolanni off to work at Cousin Beans, did banking, off to the PO, stopped for a bottle of eggnog, and then back home where I read, in very nearly one swell foop, Carousel Tides. A good read. I was interrupted once by the timely arrival of the Quill order, with all those labels. Then I brushed Mozart big-time and it was dark out and time to pick Rolanni up from Waterville. We stopped to get the forgotten yams, and while at the store I pointed out the tempting turkey medallions I'd seen the day before.... the ones I could't find a price on. I explained this problem to a passing Hannaford manager, noted that I might have bought them the day before but I hadn't found a price for them then, either... and asked if he could find me a price. He returned a few moments later and said "No." Which is to say that while the item was in-date and in the store, his meat manager couldn't give him a price...,either and so he slapped a blue "It's On US!" sticker on the package and said "Happy Thanksgiving, folks!".... So now we're suppled with turkey for a week or two.


got stuff to read and stuff to write. And once they're printed, labels to stick. Also listening for phone call summoning me to printer to check the Allies proof.

Version 1.5 ....