November 20th, 2006


Not my best layout experience

Brought it on myself I did, but after multiple test prints of the original apparent cover for Allies.... I nuked it. Boom. Bam. Zowie. That was on purpose. I know better to rethink things this late... but I dood it. Not only that, I then accidentally nuked what was the back-up cover... gone, gone, gone, who knows where? Really... not a sign of it on the hard drive, not a sign on the back-up drive .... aieee......

Richard managed a save, I think, and we'll go with it assuming it prints at all reasonably at better than 600 dpi. Sorry folks, this was all supposed to be done the other day but the more I looked, the less I liked what I had.

And it wasn't all cover stuff, either -- but see, I'm in the habit of ... well... just playing with the files in layout programs for fun... I mean, Ive even designed whole fantasy tabloids for the heck of it... and now in the last while I haven't had the chance to do much playing, so when it came time to actually work in InDesign I was off in left field and under the tarp. Note to self -- play with the tools, it's OK, already.

Now, I'm fried, so I'll get up a bit early and do a couple test pages and look at the whole thing One More Time and then run to Augusta so they can order cover stock in time to get this done this week.

News from next door is that Rolanni is also fried, and also done.
"Tomorrow is another day" says she.

That would be Carousel Tides,that's done I think. Rolanni's off to see if there's any wine in the house, else we'll be stuck with celebrating these multiple potential finishes with Amaretto....