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it came out of the wordwork

And so this morning I said, oh, look what I forgot...

besides the spacing problem with Allies I'd lost my checklist of inclusions. You'd think I'd have this down by now: a title page, check; page with copyright and bibliographic information,check; stories, check; barcode and ISBN on cover somewhere, check; ummmm... ummm... oh. Duh!

Right. Since we sell a fair number of chapbooks to retail outlets, and since retail outlets will reach some readers who aren't specifically looking for us when they pick up that odd little booklet...we try to make sure there's an "About The Authors" in each of our chapbooks. After all, we've had a reader tell us they were in a store/at a con somewhere and "I picked up a copy of your latest chapbook with the vague idea that the names sounded familiar...glanced at the about the authors.... and then tingle...BAM! OH, they're still writing! It's THEM!"

So, this will just about fit in Allies. My morning's work...

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller are the celebrated co-authors of the best-selling Liaden Universe® series and have been writing together since the first "Kinzel" stories hit Fantasy Book in the early 1980s. They began work on the first Liaden story in 1984 and have published a dozen novels and several dozen short works in that series alone. Along the way they've become fan favorites at SF conventions from California, USA to Fredericton, Canada, with Guest of Honor and Special Guest appearances at PenguiCon, COSine, AlbaCon, Trinoc*con, ConDuit, MarsCon, PortConMaine, ShevaCon, BaltiCon, SiliCon, Second Life Library, and elsewhere.

They count Meisha Merlin, Ace Books, Phobos, and Buzzy Multimedia among their English language publishers and have several foreign language publishers as well. Their short fiction, written both jointly and singly, has appeared in Absolute Magnitude, Catfantastic, Dreams of Decadence, Fantasy Book, Such a Pretty Face, 3SF, and several incarnations of Amazing.

Their work has enjoyed a number of award nominations, with "Scout's Progress" being selected for the Prism Award for Best Futuristic Romance of 2001 and "Local Custom" finishing second for the same award. "Local Custom" was published by Buzzy Multimedia as an audio book read by Michael Shanks -- StarGate's Daniel. "Balance of Trade," appeared in hardcover in February 2004 and hit Amazon.com genre bestseller lists before going on to win the Hal Clement Award as Best YA Science fiction for the year. Their most recent Liaden novels are "Crystal Soldier" and "Crystal Dragon" -- and as usual they have a book due out in the spring.

Their backgrounds -- Steve was Vice Chair of the Baltimore in 80 WorldCon bid as well as Founding Curator of Science Fiction for the University of Maryland's SF Research Collection, while Sharon has been Executive Director, Vice President, and President of the Science Fiction Writers of America; together they were BPLAN Virtuals, an ebook publisher in the late 1980s -- give them a unique perspective on the science fiction field.

.... and I think this will fit. Just about fit. Bring that font down .5 and maybe it'll fit....sigh. Back to work.