November 17th, 2006

Lord Black Cat


Doing something is better than doing nothing.

So this morning, we slept late -- just finished breakfast a little while ago! -- and tried to put the malaise of yesterday behind us.

Rolanni is still feeling aches and such but not as bad as yesterday; she'll be attempting to work for awhile to see if the headache stays away. I'm feeling a bit more energy, but not full speed. Such is life under gray skies.

However, with high winds and rain still in the neighborhood, I'd have missed getting Allies to the printers this morning... even if it happened to be done. We're in an area currently under flood warning and flood watch and as much as I like my Subaru it isn't a submarine or an LST so we'll hang in. I note that the temperature this week has been running 20 to 25 degrees above normal. Mr. B, how warm's the sand around your head, anyway?

As inferred above Allies isn't done, since I was really unhappy with the look of a test printing late yesterday. I've been trying to change away from the sometimes problematical Garamond... but the leading I tried for two other fonts makes the book looks so damned airy it's more words on a page than readable chapbook. Not good. So, back to square three, since square one was having the copy-edited contents, square two having a cover, and square three... having a deadline.

So we have a deadline, now we need something to run to the printer early Monday. And I have until tomorrow afternoon to be happy with the look of the book.

Yes, since the book is not going to the printer today I'll continue to take pre-orders up until Rolanni says "I'm printing labels now!" which will close the order window. The pre-order chapbooks are signed, after that we usually only sign in person at conventions, signings, and etc.
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