November 15th, 2006

Lord Black Cat

Still time...

Yep, time is all about. Still time.

However, if you were thinking about that advance order of Allies you're almost out of time. Book goes to print Friday and should be ready for us to pick up at noon Wednesday. If there's any slip to that -- like if they've got the wrong cover on it -- we'll try to let people know.

Missed posting yesterday... partly because it was a very late night on Monday night. Lost my game at the Waterville chess club to Vaughn Sturtevant. Vaughn's been playing chess around sixty years so he has a few trick up his sleeves and a lot of patience. Odd thing, I realized afterward that in both of the games so far in this tournament... I have been playing for the endgame from very early on. Maybe I learned some patience during my break from the game... It was, by the way, a very good game, and probably my adventurous, romantic nature led me astray finally. Vaughn told me that I make him play with a different style -- I take so many odd chances that he has to, too. Next week, who knows... I have to play Mark again, this time with white, and I also have to get in some other games -- guess it depends on who is free first.

Then, Tuesday, a lot of business and busyness, after a slow start - Rolanni let me sleep while she went out into the world very early ...which was good... today I got up and had breakfast with her before she left for work at LL Bean and tomorrow I expect the same, though not likely french toast again.

Also yesterday and today, work on packaging Allies including a check of the ISBN and barcode, and finagling the cover a bit. Ugly outside both days and I didn't get my walks in... so maybe tomorrow.

About it being ugly out... looks like our area is coming up with a record warm month and closing in on record rain. If we'd have had regular coolth by now we'd have had three feet of snow, at least...

And so it goes, as they say.. and oh yeah, speaking of Arlo, do you know where your copy of Alice's Restaurant is? Almost time to listen again.
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